How To Get Healthy - Complete Fitness Workout

The Complete Fitness Workout

Do you want to get fitter with a complete Fitness Workout Program?

If you’ve come to this website I’d say you do.

What I’ve got for you is the Complete Fitness Workout ebook which contains a scientifically based, commonsense, down to earth set of fitness programs for regular folks, in fact just about everything you need to get started on the fitness journey.

The Complete Fitness Workout will help you improve the three main factors of fitness

  • fitness
  • strength
  • flexibility.

Most importantly it’s written for regular folks who just want to get fit. It’s a simple, tried, and effective program that’s easy to understand and implement. It’s the same program I’ve been using myself for the last 20 years.

Want to achieve peak

  • metabolic,
  • musculo-skeletal and
  • psychological health?

You need a good fitness program. It’s well night impossible to keep those three key body systems working well without it.

You can make a choice. Spend your life in surgery waiting rooms reading 1991 Time Magazines and Readers Digests or spend a few hours a week keeping yourself aerobically fit, strong and flexible.

And keep in mind that the medical industry doesn’t have a great track record when dealing with the metabolic, musculo-skeletal or psychological dysfunctions. You’re more likely to end up with a medication to mask the symptom than a good plan to restore poor function to good.

But while it’s not a difficult choice to make, there are some things you need to know to ease yourself painlessly into the fitness mode.

Simple and straight forward

The Complete Fitness Workout is one of the simplest, easy to follow fitness training programs you’ll ever find on the internet.

It’s the one I’ve been using myself for the last 20 years. It’s a program you can use at home, or at the gym.

The complete fitness workout


The Complete Fitness Workout comes in a 62 page ebook which contains a fitness training system for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness which involves:

  • 5 minute stretching warmup
  • 30 minutes continuous aerobic activity at a heart rate of at least 70% of your maximum, either running outside or using a treadmill, stepper, bike, rower, eliptical or climber inside.
  • 30 minutes of systematic strength exercises using pin-loaded strength training equipment in a system designed to improve both strength and muscle bulk
  • 15 minutes of flexibility exercises.

Here’s what ‘s included in the Complete Fitness Workout ebook

Chapter Topic Page
1. Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy People 4
2. Health, Fitness and Wellbeing 101 5
3. Declining health status 6
4. Body system dysfunction 7
5. Junk medicine versus the lifestyle prescription 9
6. Health and the spectrum of perception 11
7. Models of good health 12
8. Inspired and motivated to be fit and healthy 15
9. Benefits of physical activity 16
10. Health, fitness and wellbeing profile 18
11. Fitness 19
12. What’s fit? 20
13. Aerobic Fitness 21
14. What’s the best aerobic exercise? 23
15. Miller 20m run 24
16. Count Aerabytes, not time 25
17. Metabolic defrag 26
18. Aerobic fitness diary 28
19. Aerobic fitness diary record 29
20. Strength 30
21. Strength, what is it? 31
22. Weights, set and repetitions 32
23. Superset routine 33
24. Combination exercises 34
25. Strength training exercises in the gym 35
26. Strength training exercises at home 37
27. Weight training record card 39
28. Flexibility 40
29. Back exercises 42
30. Neck exercises 46
31. Shoulder exercises 48
32. Wrist exercises 50
33. Hip exercises 52
34. Knee exercises 55
35. Calf, Achilles and shin exercises 56
36. Shoes 57
37. Fitness Profile 59
38. Gunnado 60

$27 US

Improve your aerobic fitness using the AERABYTE aerobic fitness prescription

The Complete Fitness Workout introduces you to a revolutionary new aerobic fitness prescription system designed to help you work out whether you’re getting enough aerobic physical activity each week.

AERABYTES – where time meets effort –

If you’re serious about becoming aerobically fitter, merely recording time, steps or distance is useful, but not sufficient. You’ve also got to include effort into the aerobic fitness equation. And the effort has to be rated against your heart rate.

(minutes) (on a scale of 0 – 5,where 1 is too easyand 5 is hard,
but not flat out)


20 minutes/session 30 minutes/session 40 minutes/session
4 times a week 5 times a week six times a week
Heart rate of 120+ Heart rate of 120+ Heart rate of 120+
400 aerabytes/week 600 aerabytes/week 800 aerabytes/week

Keep track of the number of aerabytes you do per session, per day, per week and per month. Over the weeks and months, you’ll have objective evidence of whether or not your training program is working. (You can then go to your health insurer and demand that they charge you a lower premium!)

Aim for a minimum of 400 aerabytes a week. 600 is better and 800 is best. You’ll keep yourself in exceptionally good shape on 1000 aerabytes per week.

Improve strength

You need to keep the muscles of your body strong in order to keep your bones in correct alignment and to perform normal physical tasks with ease.

Lower back pain, stiff necks, frozen shoulders bung hips, game legs, dicky knees and RSI go with a lack of strength.

Improve flexibility

You need to keep the muscles of your body strong in order to keep your bones in correct alignment and to perform normal physical tasks with ease.

Crook backs, stiff necks, frozen shoulders bung hips, game legs, dicky knees and RSI go with a lack of strength.

Plus you’ll receive these bonus ebooks

21 day aerobic fitness training program

21 day aerobic fitness training program

If you’ve hit rock bottom and you want the most gentle of programs to get your started this 21 day aerobic fitness training program is a must have.

Slow and steady wins the race. This book starts off slow and steady.

20m run aerobic fitness

The Miller 20m run

… is the world’s premier test of aerobic fitness for regular folks. You don’t need a treadmill, an exercise bike or a stop watch. There are no beeps, just you walking, shuffling, jogging or running between two lines 20m apart.

The fitter you are the more laps you can do in 5 minutes.

This is a slightly more expansive version of what’s in the Complete Fitness Workout book.

The Aerabyte aerobic fitness prescription

The Aerabyte aerobic fitness prescription

… is covered in the Complete Fitness Workout ebook. As a stand alone book it provides a quick and easy reference on how you can use your heart rate to work out how much exercise you’re really getting in each workout.

Most people are under trained. You’ll be able to work out how much training you need to do to fix up the common metabolic dysfunctions.

The Fitness Tracka

The Fitness Tracka

Apart from containing the Aerobic Fitness Diary, the Fitness Tracka comes with aspreadsheet in which you can electronically record your workouts.

Over the weeks and months you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and the intensity and duration of your training program.

The Strength Training Diary

The Strength Training Diary

… is a stand-alone version of the strength training sections of the Complete Fitness Workout.

It contains a page that you can photocopy to record your strength training workouts.

The Platinum Challenge

The Platinum Challenge

is the world’s premier test of fitness. It’s simple. There are four exercises to do:

  • 20m run
  • situps
  • pressups
  • squats.

How well you can do these exercises will provide you with a very good indication of your all round fitness. The only thing that’s missing is flexibility which is a bit hard to fit into the Platinum Challenge scoring system.

And an audio file

i am Getting Fitter and Healthier

The ‘I’m Getting Fitter and Healthier‘ inner mental training audio file is designed to program your subconscious mind to get and then keep you focused on becoming fitter and healthier.

When it comes to keeping fit and heathy, your subconscious mind is a powerful tool, as well as your best friend.

$27 US

The Complete Fitness Workout ebooks

  • The Complete Fitness Workout
  • 21 day aerobic fitness
  • Miller 20m aerobic fitness
  • Aerabyte aerobic fitness prescription
  • Fitness Tracka Aerobic Fitness Diary
  • Fitness Tracka excel Spread Sheet
  • Strength Training Diary
  • Platinum Challenge
  • I’m Getting Fitter and Healthier

Want to feel better?

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying that we are about as happy as we want to be. Similarly, we are about as fit healthy as we want to be.

That means we have a choice, to be healthy or unhealthy. If you’re ready to make the choice to be healthier than you are now, all it’s going to take is a bit of time, effort and perhaps some money, but not much.

In a few weeks you’ll notice the difference. For starters you’ll feel better. In a few months you’ll notice a big difference. I say a few months, knowing that many people dropped out just before they were about to reap the benefits of an exercise program. Our gyms are littered with the bodies of people who paid for 12 months and only went 12 times!

Years ago, Kenneth Cooper, the man who wrote the original and authentic book ‘Aerobics’ said, ‘I can give you the program but I can’t do it for you.’ And there are plenty of champion athletes who found that the hardest thing they had to do every day was get their shorts and sandshoes on and get out the front door. Our champions are no less immune from the urge to ‘take it easy’ than the rest of us. However, the desire to improve their physical condition and the personal rewards of competition, whether it be against others or just against themselves spur them on.

For us mortals, the rewards of regular, vigorous physical activity are compelling. On top of feeling better, all the major systems of your body work better. (It does aerobic exercise a grave disservice to limit its effects to the cardiovascular system.)

If you don’t feel well; if there are parts of your body that are dysfunctional; if you feel miserable; if you suffer from headaches, poor sleep, lack of vitality, high blood pressure, adult onset diabetes, a crook guts or a crook back; if you’re overweight, there is a good chance you’re suffering from motion starvation. Treat these dys-eases and dysfunction as symptoms of lack of fitness.

Get Cracking On Your Complete Fitness Workout Today!

It’s time to haul on your shorts and sandshoes and get cracking. You’ll need a copy of the Complete Fitness Workout.

When it’s all boiled down, you don’t need a great deal of equipment or expense to improve and maintain your level of fitness. As a minimum, a brisk walk, shuffle or jog, followed by a few situps and pressups and some flexibility exercises will do you a world of good. In fact you’ll become as fit as a trout. If everyone in the Western world did that every day it would save at least $5,000us per person in lost productivity and medical expenses. The only cost would be a new pair of sandshoes every now and again.

So what’s stopping you: laziness, ignorance, stupidity, attachment to a fixed way of being, or just a lack of desire to be fit and healthy? For myself it’s usually laziness and stupidity. I certainly know what to do and know that the benefits are compelling.

As I’ve already said, in the Complete Fitness Workout ebook you’ll find an outline of the sort of exercise program I do myself. I’ve found that running three mornings a week, plus the stepper suit my aerobic fitness needs. In earlier times I used to use the Versaclimber.

I’m passing on to you the strength training program that has been designed to work the major muscle groups in a time effective way.

2,500 years ago, Hippocrates said something to the effect that the physician speaks with more authority if he/she has had the disease/dysfunction. I’ve had a crook back and it’s now fixed itself up because of the strength and flexibility exercises I did.

The Complete Fitness Program has a very good selection of the strength flexibility exercises you need to do to keep your body in alignment and pain free.

Some of the strength exercises can be done without any equipment and the flexibility exercises can be done while you watch television. It’s all about strengthening and loosing the muscles designed to keep your bones in correct alignment. Do that on a regular basis and your back and neck should soon be as right as rain.

In the meantime remember that images in the mirror may not be as fit as they appear. Train hard!

John Miller

Fitness Workout